Building Your Future Is Our Mission

"Advice Promotes Action."

At Scarbrough Financial Group, LLC, we optimize investment and planning outcomes in partnership with individuals and their families. We believe it is our job to help you build a strong financial future that includes a stable retirement, solid investments that provide you the flexibility to live life independently, and the confidence for planning wealth transfer to future generations.

Our firm specializes in designing strategies that address complex wealth management issues, such as minimizing tax implications, so you can effectively control the destination and purpose of your wealth.

Client satisfaction and peace of mind are the most important measure of success. Our long-standing relationships reflect the quality and integrity of our practice.

We primarily serve clients in the Western United States with offices in San Rafael, Walnut Creek, and Santa Rosa.

Our Process

As fiduciaries, we function as our clients’ advocate, focusing on key planning areas in the context of long-term goals. Our process starts with gaining a thorough understanding of your values, and objectives, as well as your perspective on finances. We’d like you to tell us in detail about the planning you already have in place, and how you would like us to help you refine it.

This is what you can expect as you begin your journey with us:


1. Preliminary

Initially, we talk briefly to make sure we can provide the services you are seeking and to introduce you to the right advisor. We may ask you to log in to our platform prior to your first meeting to gather or organize information.



2. Exploratory Session

In our exploratory session, we establish how you would like to engage our services – either financial & estate planning, investment management, or both. We define the scope of the project at hand and share the information we need to get started. Click here for a list of the documents you should bring to your first meeting.


3. Working Session(s)

Once we have insight into your current situation and how you have structured your finances, we begin to design a highly customized wealth management solution. Our recommendations are based objectively on your circumstances, as discussed in previous meeting(s); and taking market conditions and your long & short-term goals carefully into consideration.


4. Implementation & Periodic Review

Our client services team works with you and your advisor to implement investment and financial planning recommendations. Having managed assets through a wide variety of market cycles, we understand the importance of adopting a long term perspective and maintaining a consistent approach. We monitor and measure results on an on-going basis to revise strategies as necessary, and annually update you on all aspects of your plan.


Engaging Our Team

Today's market complexity and volatility demand specialized attention, with a holistic approach to wealth management. Our financial planners provide the intellectual capital and resources needed to offer a truly dynamic approach to your investment objectives. In concert with our experienced staff, we can engage a network of trusted professionals - such as accounting, legal, real estate, and insurance professionals - to support all facets of your wealth management needs. We can also partner with existing experts whom you have come to know and trust. Please contact us to continue the conversation.

Key Considerations

1. Because cash and cash equivalents yield close to zero today, keep in mind that most portfolios can be protected, hedged, and still earn a reasonable yield.

2. Increased longevity affects all aspects of estate planning, wealth planning and financial management.

3. ESG and Impact Investing have moved into the mainstream, generating social and environmental impact alongside financial return.