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Market and Economic Commentaries

9.20.23 The Treasury Department Could Have a Supply/Demand Problem

It’s been little over a month since rating agency Fitch downgraded U.S. government debt from its highest rating (AAA) to its second highest rating (AA+). Among other reasons, the agency cited “a high and g...

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9.19.23 Government Shutdown Looms, Stocks Say ‘Been There, Done That’

The specter of a U.S. federal government shutdown continues to loom this week as Congress has just 12 days to agree on a budget before the October 1 deadline. House Republicans released a temporary measure on Sunday w...

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9.18.23 Buy Japan, Hold U.S., Sell Europe

Recent data suggests economic conditions in Europe are deteriorating, removing a key element of LPL Research’s positive view of the attractively valued developed international equities asset class. Previous U.S....

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