What is our Process?

Our First Meeting
We design a financial plan around you. It's your plan. Your family & future. During our first meeting we will discuss your priorities and suggest appropriate planning strategies. Your plan is individualized. Plan emphasis and areas of detail will depend on your objectives.

What to bring:
Financial Review Checklist
Confidential Questionnaire
Complete Finametrica Risk Analysis

Planning for retirement?
You are informed but too busy to stay on top of your investments. Sheltering enough of your six figure income is a challenge. You are maxing out your corporate benefits, but have you allocated these retirement assets correctly? Are you managing your financial plan half as well as you’re managing your executive position? Are your kids’ college savings plans adequate? Do you and your spouse have enough life insurance outside of your employer’s plan?

Our clients rely on our ongoing analysis of their financial situation, and our expertise to monitor and manage their investments as they meet periodic goals.

Are you in the process of retiring?
You are excited about the prospect of free time, traveling for fun, having more time for yourself and your family. But, which distribution options should you elect? Should you roll your 401(k)? Can you make an election to sell company stock without paying capital gains tax? When should you plan to take social security?

We help our clients who are retiring weigh their choices and ask the right questions. In many cases, these are the most important financial decisions you will ever make.

Are you already enjoying retirement?
You have worked hard and planned well. You are looking to maximize income, but preserve capital. You are actively planning for your children and grandchildren. How long will your nest egg last? How can you earn higher rates of interest without assuming too much risk? Have you updated your trusts? Are your beneficiary designations in order?

Our retired clients rely on us to help them plan their cash flow and make prudent investment decisions. We guide them through the maze of estate planning, and keep them informed of changing opportunities.

In our first meeting we talk about investment, tax, and real estate planning. Some of our clients are interested in cash flow analysis, others are actively gifting and concerned about passing their investments to their children and grandchildren. Everyone is concerned about preserving net worth and making secure investment decisions.

Getting started is easy. We will assess your needs, your assets, your goals. We will build a road map to help you meet your goals and possibly define others. So, evaluate the following list of services and contact us to take the next step.

Investment Strategies and Portfolio Diversification
We believe in thoughtful, balanced investment strategies that evolve with your individualized needs. Careful asset allocation is pivotal to successful investment management.

Compensation and Stock Option Planning
For many individuals, stock represents a significant portion of their compensation and therefore, a primary source of wealth and retirement income. SFG can provide the efficient tools and strategies to capitalize on the total economic potential of stock options, regardless of share price.

Employee and Executive Benefits
Because we emphasize integrated tax and investment planning for our executive clients—taking stock and stock options, restricted securities and deferred compensation, as well as other pension benefits into consideration—SFG is well versed in employee and executive benefits programs. We provide access to a wide range of best-in-class opportunities and tailor solutions to enhance both productivity and tenure.

Wealth Transfer and Succession Planning
Financial planning encompasses the growth and management of assets and wealth, including distribution and estate transfer decisions. We believe that what you have accomplished, saved and invested should be protected, developed and grown. Your retirement assets should reach the right beneficiary while maximizing the economic value and minimizing taxation.

Estate Planning and Trust Administration
We prepare clients for wealth transfer in many ways, including a comprehensive review of the current estate plan, recommending adjustments, coordination of trust administration and preparing revised succession plan documents.

Tax Planning and Preparation
Your financial plan should include a comprehensive tax strategy that reflects your long-term goals, supports your efforts to increase net worth and protects the economic value of your assets through succession.

Account Administration
We believe solid administrative direction leads to confident, deliberate action. We are adept at executing on the essential activities for managing your accounts, your portfolio, your policies and your needs.

Real Estate Finance and Acquisition Planning
How much real estate should an investor own outside of their primary residence? In what form? When is it worthwhile to refinance? How much debt is prudent? What are the tax benefits of owning a second home? How should we hold title to investment real estate? These are some of the questions every client asks us, and why real estate should be covered in everyone’s plan.

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